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4 Week -Body Blitz Programme

D.H. Fitness & Training are proud to announce the January 2018 start of our fantastic Weight Loss and Health programme carried out in association with Purity Gym Ltd.

With this program, we offer 6 various fitness class concepts, split into sessions that compliment each other.

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For example Group A being on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 am, so the Monday 7:30 Mornings session would consist of a  Legs, Bums and Tums class for 30 minutes followed by Circuit Training for an additional 30 Minutes that would complete your Monday Session, with 2 different concepts to follow on the Wednesday and Friday sessions. So full of variety with guaranteed results.

Your time and day choices are:-

Starting from the 12th February Sessions will run as follows

Group A – Monday Wednesday & Friday 06:30 Am – 07:15 Am

Group B – Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 07:30 Am – 08:15 Am

Group C – Monday Wednesday & Friday 19:00 Pm – 19:45 Pm

Class sizes are maximum of 8 people per class, the program will be held in the privacy in one of our three studios.

Body Transformation Clients have the use of all toilet and shower facilities with separate Male and Female Changing Areas

This fantastic opportunity to train with 6 concepts that compliment each other, all of which have a proven track record at Purity Gym, will enhance your fitness level and create the desired weight loss, over the 4 week program period. Just think about how much Physical Training you are getting over that period.

Price for this four week Body Transformation is just a one off payment of £96.00

You will also benefit from a FREE Daytime Gym Membership with this program, worth £35.00

What to do next?

Very simply choose your group and fill in the contact form below – That’s it, Sign up for your starting session Pay your one off fee and away you go to a four week body transformation.

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Your Best Contact Number
Your best time to accept a phone call from Purity Gym
How would you describe yourself and where you are at right now in terms of weight loss and fitness level
Out of our Three groups which one suits your schedule, please check the box for your desired slot.

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