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Tanning at Purity

Purity are pleased to announce a new service to compliment our many others: Vertical Tanning.

Purity Lifestyle Studios now have a Vertical Sunbed Installed, State of the art and very high end the Topaz units provide comfort and boasts a super powerful fan that maintains optimal temperature for UV tubes. This is not only important for both performance and lamp life but it ensures customer comfort while using the vertical tanning booth. There is also an integrated stereo speaker with digital control panel for customer control.

So combine your relaxation by having a Sunbed, Massage and a relaxing drink in our upstairs coffee lounge while you check out our other services and workout options even have a chat with our coaches and trainers and browse our class brochure – Purity Is a Lifestyle Studio


Vertical Tanning Prices

Single Sessions

Single 3 minute session:- £3.50

Single 6 minute session:- £5.50

Single 9 minute session:-  £8.00


24 minute package:-  £15.00

36 minute package:-  £20.00

48 minute package:-  £25.00

60 minute package:- £30.00

For any further enquiries please call Purity Gym on 01952 252770

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