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What does the class involve?

Don’t just ride, feel the vibe. Vibe Cycle is an upbeat class which is suitable for all fitness levels as you control the resistance! Devonne the instructor will provide you with the fun and inspiration to keep you motivated throughout the class. It is a great way to burn lots of calories in a short amount of time, keeping your fitness levels at optimum point.

Who can attend Vibe Cycle?

YOU control the resistance levels, therefore absolutely anyone can attend our Vibe Cycle classes at Purity Gym Telford, that’s the beauty of having such a diverse class on offer, if you feel that you’re struggling at any point during the session just reduce the resistance and enjoy it. Age and physical ability really don’t matter when it comes to Vibe Cycle; it’s all about pushing yourself to the limits you feel comfortable at and enjoying it, all while getting fitter in the process!

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What are the benefits of Vibe Cycle?

The main benefit of Vibe Cycle is burning a large amount of calories in such a short amount of time, whilst also enhancing your overall cardio output levels that can in turn increase lung capacity. As you feel confident about your body feeling revitalised from the inside, physically you will become more toned the more sessions you attend, but also enhancing your mental robustness or strength as you learn to push yourself further and further, learning more about your body as you go along in the process.




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