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Building Strength and Muscle

Building muscle and strength can often be confused with bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is a sport, improving strength and building muscle is a process of fitness

At Purity we identify the difference in building muscle and bodybuilding. Typically, most people are looking to add a little bit of extra size to their body, or give a more muscular build. Strength and muscle goals could include

  • Adding size to arms
  • Building the upper body and defining a V-shape and shoulders
  • Developing a strong base, strengthening the legs and back
  • Improving strength all round

Muscle and strength development with Purity

Like weight loss, strength and muscle development includes a combination of applied exercise programming, nutrition, and routine.

  • We can help you re-design your training plan, optimising it to suit your strength building goals
  • We assist you in developing protein intake strategies and total diet management to ensure that you can train at your best, build muscle and burn fat.
  • We will educate you in importance and benefits of the right style of cardio training that can guarantee results
  • Our specially selected equipment, combined with our programming expertise gives you every thing that you need to give you the answer to getting the defined, shaped look that you want, with the strength that goes with it

What are my payment options to start training to look great

The first step is to identify how much support you want?

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