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Flexability and core

 This reason often falls into one of two categories – completely ignored in fitness plans, or confused with just stretching and yoga

Fitness doesn’t have to be categorised into specific activities. Purity looks to take your goals and apply them into your training plan. This means that flexibility can be trained in the right way. We look to:

  • optimise your range of movement in exercises
  • provide a range of drills and stretching methods
  • provide assisted stretching to improve flexibility
  • educate you about how the core works and provide optimal exercises
  • strengthen individual joints and muscles to balance your body

The result can be improved overall fitness, reduced joint inflammation, better range of movement and a more stable core (including a flatter stomach)

What are my payment options to start training to look great

The first step is to identify how much support you want from us be it a gym only package or full supervised Personal Training with a programme suited and tailored for you


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