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Agility and Movement

Applied Fitness

Functional fitness is about more than flipping a tyre, climbing a rope or swinging a kettlebell. It’s about being more able to do challenging things with ease.

So what exactly are you looking to do?

  • Be fitter and stronger for my job
  • To be more active to play with the children / grandchildren
  • Become more able to carry my bodyweight
  • To be able to do achieve more complex fitness routines
  • To improve exercise technique
  • To improve and integrate all aspects of my fitness
  • I just want to train differently from clinical standard exercise

Purity has a way of simplifying functional fitness. We do not try to impersonate or criticise functional fitness “boxes” or Crossfit style fitness setups. We simply look at applying principles of fitness into your exercise. The result can often be some unique styles of training that can ultimately improve

  • muscular endurance
  • cardio fitness
  • core
  • mobility and flexibility
  • speed, power, jumping
  • coordination

Workouts specifically aimed at your goals

Functional fitness personal training is about using lots of muscles and lots of joints. You will learn how to train smart, and how to make small changes to your lifestyle. You’ll learn new exercises. More importantly, you’ll learn why you need them.

What are my payment options to start training to improve my fitness

The first step is to identify how much support you want from us be it just gym only or full supervised Personal Training

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