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Personal Training Telford

Purity Gym first and foremost is a personal training centre. Three private personal training rooms mean that you can enjoy your fitness sessions in total privacy. If you prefer or are happy to train with your personal trainer in the main gym, you can enjoy a more traditional gym based training environment.The studios and gym are designed to give you results.

Whether you are new to exercise, or an experienced and regular exerciser, we have a range of equipment suitable for your needs. Combined with our professional support and personal approach, we give you all the tools you need to maximise success.

How Can Your Purity Personal Trainer Help You?

  • Purity 3 Point Weight Loss Plan
  • Shaping and Toning for Women
  • Men’s Health and Fitness Training
  • Personal Training for Over 50’s
  • Personal Training for Health Conditions
  • Personal Fitness For Teens and Families

How Purity Personal Training Works

As well as your personal training sessions, your package will also gives you:

  • Full access to the gym between your personal training sessions
  • Full access to Purity’s Exercise Classes (subject to booking and availability)
  • Diet, nutrition, lifestyle support to help you towards your goal.
  • Additional support and guidance from our training team

Are you a Classic Client?

A thirty minute session every week : Great for people who are looking for a cost effective solution to working with a personal trainer for guidance, while still maintaining a self motivated gym or fitness routine

Are you a Lifestyle Client?

Our Lifestyle Client plan gives you the opportunity to hold a continuous dialogue with your personal trainer and coaching team. Receiving a weekly appointment with your trainer, you will generally be quite independent in your health and fitness schedule. This means that your trainer will use that weekly appointment to provide you with the tools and skills to keep you moving towards your goals. The Lifestyle Client fully understands that personal accountability and strong self efficacy are the key to long term success and fulfilment.

Are you a Progressive Client?

Our most popular package, the Progressive Client is looking for an edge in their health and fitness plan. Getting two appointments per week with the coaching team means that your personal trainer can ensure that you are benefitting from a well balanced training plan. They can also make plenty of time to help you maintain strong dietary and lifestyle habits.
The Progressive Client plan gives you the flexibility to put focus on different elements of your health and fitness at any time as your trainer can spend time with you and be confident that you will achieve your goals, with the right support.


Personal Training Equipment


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