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Gym in Telford

Purity Gym

Purity Gym is a results lead facility and has been designed with simplicity in mind. The team will ensure that are clients receive all of the assistance required on the Gym floor. Our gym has the latest high quality equipment, with some of the best known manufacturers in the industry, including Life Fitness, Keiser and Concept 2.

All our members are given a gym floor exercise program as part of their membership. This program important as it provided our clients with a clear direction to achieve your goals.

Showing you an alternative exercise in your training plan, or adding a completely new exercise – allowing your gym program to evolve as you train

The team is here to assist in spotting if you are lifting a heavier weights or working on high repetition sets. Helping clients if they just need that assistance or guidance with the machinery.

Purity’s team of qualified instructors will help you improve your exercise and form, by giving you advice and correcting you, as you progress in your training plan.

Our ethos is about providing clients with an environment that is free from the intimidating or uncomfortable feelings encountered in normal gyms.

We have two private training rooms that can be used if they are available. We also have a limited membership policy that means that we will only accept 200 members.

The most important reason for becoming a clients of Purity Gym is that and we love to show people how to improve physically, along with improved Health and basic Fitness. 

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